All of us have experienced pain...
For most of us pain is an occasional unpleasantness, but for some, it is a feeling felt throughout each day. People with various forms of arthritis, fibroadhesion buildup, spinal disk hernias, injuries, failed back surgeries, as well as an array of other conditions experience constant chronic pain. Most of these people have sought out conventional methods to relieve pain – often pills, repeated surgery and other treatements. Unfortunately, for some, they have not learned about MUA – a treatment that has bought total pain relief to thousands of sufferers of chronic pain.

In a short time, the MUA procedure can significantly reduce back, neck, and muscle pain, improve quality of living, and restore mobility that seemed to be unattainable.

Although it may be new to you, doctors have been performing the MUA procedure for more than 60 years; It is time to understand the procedure and know that pain relief is within reach.

What is the MUA and why does it work?

MUA, or Manipulation Under Anesthesia, is a non-invasive procedure that has changed the life of countless people in the most positive way. Former sufferers of chronic pain speak of a new life one with comfort, joy and a sense of renewed optimism. MUA has helped sufferers of so many types of pain including: neck pain, back pain, joint pain, muscle spasms, and other chronic pains.

Since the late 1930s, MUA has been used by Osteopathic Doctors as a form of treatment for:
Chronic disc problems
Frozen or fixated articulations
Failed lower back surgery
Compression syndromes
Restricted motion
Unresponsive pain and muscle contraction
Post-traumatic syndrome injuries and other causes of chronic and acute pain

The MUA procedure is a technique whereby a patient is treated after being brought into a relaxed state through the use of an anesthetic agent. Once the patient has been given the sedating anesthetic by a licensed anesthesiologist, an osteopathic doctor is able to adjust and stretch the patient in ways that would be too painful to endure without anesthetic sedation. The Manipulations that are performed by the qualified trained doctor are designed to break up fibrous adhesions and scar tissue around the spine and surrounding tissue. Studies show that as a result of past or present trauma and stress, adhesions and scar tissue tend to build up around spinal joints and within the surrounding muscles that cause chronic, often severe pain. The skilled and trained Osteopathic Doctor is able to use manipulative techniques to both alter fibrous adhesions in the joint capsules and surrounding supportive tissues as well as address other areas and indications that have been the cause of pain to a patient. The MUA technique uses a combination of specific short lever manipulations, passive stretches, and specific articular and postural kinesthetic maneuvers in order to break upfibrous adhesions and scar tissue around the spine and surrounding tissue. The procedure is completely non-invasive, but often highly effective.

Is the MUA safe?
The MUA is a non-invasive treatment. An alternative to invasive surgery, it is a procedure that is often performed in less than half an hour, and can be more effective in achieving long term pain relief than invasive surgical techniques. The procedure is performed by skilled, trained and licensed doctors in an accreditted facility under the supervision of an anesthesiologist. MUA can bring rapid and enduring relief from chronic pain without surgery, scars and unnecessary risk.

For people with chronic neck, back and joint problems--conditions caused by long-term disabilities, accidents, and injuries that have not been responsive to conventional treatment, the MUA offers a new life. The MUA procedure is not a new one, it has been practiced diligently for almost a century, but for countless people, the relief of pain and suffering is a newfound gift of a joyous life.

How long is the treatment?

The single treatment usually takes under 30 minutes and requires the supervision of qualified anesthesiologist. The treatment is often repeated on three consecutive days, with positive results often being noticed after the first treatment.

Why might an MUA work when other treatment modalities have failed?
Patients often undergo various treatments, such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, epidural injections, back surgery, or other treatments that do not address fibrous adhesions. Some patients feel temporarily better with these treatments, but their pain often returns. Often, chronic pain in the neck, mid back, low back or other areas of bone and muscle of in the body respond poorly to conventional care. Practitioners of the MUA procedure explain that it is the adhesions and scar tissue that have built up around spinal joints and within the surrounding muscles that causes chronic pain. In order to offer long term pain relief, the fibrous adhesions in the joint capsules and surrounding supportive tissues must be altered. The MUA treatment addresses this and gives way to pain free living.

Who is most qualified to perform the procedure, and how do I learn if the MUA Procedure is right for me?
Someone thinking about having an MUA procedure should contact a qualified licensed Practitioner to learn more about the possibility of total pain relief. It is important to understand the training, experience and skill of the Doctor when seeking out the MUA procedure. The MUA procedure is most commonly performed by Chiropractors and Osteopathic Doctors. Osteopathic Physicians, also known as Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine or Doctors of Osteopathy ( D.O.) diagnose and treat illness and injuries with special emphasis on:
1. The need for the body's systems to be in correct relationship with one another
2. The importance of the neuro-musculoskeletal system (nerves, muscles, bones, and joints).

Qualified Osteopathic Doctors, after completing 4 years of medical study in Osteopathic Medicine, will obtain an internship and residency training alongside graduates of Other Medical Schools - at acreddited hospitals. Specialized Osteopathic doctors will pursue further education and study - and obtain specific certification in MUA treatment and Pain Management.

Dr.'s Leonid Tafler and Samira Ovshaev are two of the most qualified Osteopathic Doctors who currently perform MUA treatment. To learn more about the possibility of complete long term relief from chronic pain, contact Dr. Tafler and Dr. Ovshaev today at 1-877-MUA-NY99.