This section describes the scheduling and performing
of the MUA treatment procedure
To learn more about the MUA treatment and its indications, please see the section entitled “About MUA”.

MUA Procedure Scheduling

For some time now, Dr. Tafler and Dr. Ovshaev have performed the Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments at the Brook Plaza Outpatient Center – a highly regarded, state of the art JCAHO accreditted Facility where over 100,000 various outpatient procedures have been peformed since its opening in 1989. Dr. Tafler and/or Dr. Ovshaev will offer The MUA treatment to one of their patients, if the Doctors conclude that the patient is a good candidate – that the Manipulation Under Anesthesia procedure is appropriate, and may achieve pain relief.

Nurses Phone call 2-3 days prior to procedure

At some Centers such as the Brook Plaza Outpatient Center, a nurse will call the patient 2-3 days before the procedure to go over the patient's health situation (what medications are being taken, and general health – to ensure, among other things,  that there will be no adverse reaction to the light anesthetic agent that is given on the day of surgery). The nurse will give instructions about what needs to be done on the day of the treatment. Usually the nurse will inform the patient that he/she may not eat for a certain amount of hours before the procedure, and will also answer any questions that the patient might have in general about what will occur on the day of the treatment  (how early to arrive at the Center, what to bring, what to wear….). The nurse will also confirm the time and date of the treatment and any other pertinent information. Brook Plaza  recommends that if one has not spoken to a nurse within 24 hours prior to the treatment, that the person call 718-968-1515 to speak to an available Registered Nurse regarding the upcoming MUA treatment at the Center.

The day of the MUA Procedure.

On the day of the MUA, the patient is accompanied by a close friend or family member to the location where the doctor will provide manipulative treatment. The friend or family member who has accompanied the patient will drive the patient to and from the Facility. The Brook Plaza Outpatient Facility is a Center that has a free attended parking lot, and does offer car service for scenarios where a patient’s family or friend does not drive or does not have access to a car.
Upon arriving at the Center on the day of the manipulation treatment, the receptionist will ask that forms be filled out – ensuring that there is insurance coverage, verifying all pertinent personal information (name, address, phone…) etc. The receptionist will also ask for forms to be signed with regard to the understanding of the treatment to be performed and the nature of the treatment and facility. After filling out the proper paperwork, the patient will again speak to a nurse; if there was no contact before the day of surgery – to review all health issues. If there was a conversation 2-3 days prior – to review and confirm given information and see how the patient is feeling on this morning. If the nurse concludes that the patient is feeling well, he/she will introduce the patient to the Anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist will be administering the anesthetic agent to the patient – and will be ensuring that the patient is safe and in a healthy and comfortable state throughout the MUA treatment. Of course Dr.'s Tafler and Ovshaev are directing and coordinating with all support staff throughout the process of admission and preparation for the procedure; they speak with each patient at the Center before the procedure is to be performed. Once the patient is comfortable and relaxed, Dr.'s Tafler and Ovshaev will perform the manipulative treatments that will give the patient the chance for the long-term pain relief that is so desired and deserved.

Dr.'s Tafler and Ovshaev perform the osteopathic manipulations in the private procedure room. The Anesthesiologist is in the room, along with a nurse and any technicians and/or assistant that are provided by the center or working with the doctors to assist the doctors in any function that they may request.

Immediately following the MUA, the patient is brought to an area where a nurse supervises that the patient is comfortable, and also speaks about comfort issues for the rest of the day (what to eat, proper ways to relax...). The doctors then meet the patient in a private area - answering any questions, recounting the treatment and making sure that the patient is completely comfortable with the treatment, any questions or issues, and the follow-up protocol. Normal treatment protocol is three consecutive days - the doctors discuss the upcoming days and the prognosis at the time. Often, after even the first treatment, patients will feel a comfort, increased mobility and range of motion and overall sense of well-being that has not been felt in years. Although this is a very positive sign, it is important, often to ensure long term success,  for the patient to follow up with further treatment and appointments as deemed necessary by the doctors.

Dr.'s Tafler and Ovshaev are always available to their patients. They treat each patient with the highest level of care, consideration, professionalism and personal interest. The Doctors make sure before and after the treatment that their patients are comfortable with the MUA and will have the best chance for the long sought after, long-term pain relief - that every person deserves, desires and often experiences after appropriate MUA treatments.

For information about the Manipulation that takes place Under Anesthesia, see section on “About MUA”.